Wednesday 24 July 2019

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N. 412 - Luglio


Fresh Bits


In regalo: Work It Out!

Scarica il supplemento di Speak Up! Un exercise book con esercizi di vocabolario, lettura, comprensione e pronuncia, inframmezzati da...


Flash of the month

The first Barbie (1959)

Barbie turns 60

Happy Birthday to the Iconic Doll

Beatles flash

The Beatles

A New Memoir Book from Their Barber

Illustration from The Nursery Alice (1890) by John Tenniel

Classic Books

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


Aldrin on the Moon

50 Years Ago

The First Moon Landing


Marvel vs. DC

War of the Universes

Magazine Extras

Lug 2019

Tune into English presents...

KARAOKE! Sing along to this week's UK Top 10 (19th July)

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Lug 2019

Nuovi termini in inglese

Scopri alcuni dei nuovi termini inglesi che sono entrati nell'uso comune e...

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Giu 2019

Colloquio telefonico in inglese

Ecco alcuni consigli pratici per superare brillantemente un colloquio...

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Apr 2019

Studiare nel Regno Unito

Ecco tutto ciò che c'è da sapere sull'accesso...

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SpeakUp In Class

These activities are designed to help teachers use three articles or stories published in SPEAK UP every month in the classroom with their students

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