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Extraordinary English! Courses with a Difference

Novembre 2012
Study English with the English

di ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service

Henley Students
Henley Students

Many students complain that when they go abroad to study English they meet lots of students of other nationalities and very few native English speakers. If you attend a private language school this is to be expected – the only courses on offer are English as a Foreign Language – but if you take a language course at a state college, then you’ll find that native speakers far outnumber foreign students.
The fact that you will be mixing with native speakers means that a fairly good level of English is necessary in order to be able to communicate with them! Beginners are not accepted. At Henley College, situated in Coventry in the heart of England, there are 8,000 British students and only about 60 foreigners learning English. From September to April students with a good command of English may swap between two and four hours per week of language classes for other academic or vocational subjects such as photography, business, computing, sports science, media and tourism. In these classes they study alongside their British counterparts.
Henley College also offers a Foundation Programme for students wishing to continue their studies at a British university.
EU citizens can benefit from reduced fees (the prices quoted are the reduced rates) and the longer the course, the lower the cost. Come to Coventry for a taste of British Academia!

The course    General English/English Plus
Where    Coventry, UK
When    All year
How long    minimum four weeks
Target    16+
How much    £80-£94 per week + accommodation
Organisation    Henley College

ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service is a free service offered by the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy to anyone wishing to study English abroad. Its partner schools are all recognised at a local level and offer quality English language courses for students of all ages.

Info: Susan Boyle, English Language Consultant at the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy. Tel: 02 876981 or

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