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Extraordinary English! Courses with a Difference

Settembre 2013
Courses for Human Resources

di ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service

In addition to general English courses and study holidays, there are also programmes for adults that target specific needs and cover specialist vocabulary. International House London, a non-profit organisation that trains teachers and offers lessons in all modern languages, also runs a series of executive courses suitable for selected professions.
One of these is an intensive one-week programme called English for Human Resources Managers. The minimum entry level is upper-intermediate and the course consists of six lessons per day in groups of no more than six students.
Topics covered during the course include recruitment, interviewing strategies, health & safety, appraisals, corporate culture and managing change. Participants are expected to take an active part in role plays and to do homework, which could be writing a report or a contract or preparing a presentation for the next day. Oral presentations are filmed and students are given feedback on how best to improve their own styles.
There is one course each month on set dates. Programmes following a similar structure, but obviously with a different content, are available for International Lawyers and for Banking and Finance. Students may also book specialist one-to-one courses on any dates.

The course    English for HR Managers
Where    London, UK
When    Once a month
How long    1 week
Target    25+
How much    £1,025 per week + accommodation
Organisation    International House London

ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service is a free service offered by the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy to anyone wishing to study English abroad. Its partner schools are all recognised at a local level and offer quality English language courses for students of all ages.
Info: Susan Boyle, English Language Consultant at the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy. Tel: 02 876981 or

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