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Poets' Corner - Soluzioni

Settembre 2010
Soluzioni agli esercizi presenti sulla rivista

di Poetry by Ryan Fletcher, Exercises by Mark Charland

Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher

Answers: Labour Pains


When mama gave birth to me,
Life was there that day.
And she taught me all about life and love
With her labour pains.

Somehow you got to work your way through it,
Even though its dark inside.
You will be pushed from your comfort zone.
To places you can’t hide.

There’s light at the end of each tunnel
But sometimes its scary in light,
So, put some trust in strangers.
We’re all kind of helpless inside.

I heard her voice moaning and shouting,
And I guess somehow that helped.
Emotions must also not be kept inside.
You must learn to let it out.

I knew she was not mad at me,
This new life was not my fault,
As when it was done there were shouts of glee,
Her moaning had come to halt.

In each and every passage.
She helped me realize,
In a struggle of pain there is much to gain.
So just keep pushing, it’s fine.

Exercise 2:

1. The convict escaped from prison by crawling through a secret tunnel
(passage) that he had dug out.

2. Even though the convict was hiding in a dark and thick forest, the police
dogs were able to find him.

3. The police saw him running from his hiding place and yelled at him to

4. He kept running, so a dog attacked him and there was a terrific struggle.

5. The moaning convict realized that he was unable to protect himself.

6. Realizing that he was helpless, the convict raised has hands and

7. All the police shouted in glee because they had caught a very dangerous

8. When he returned to prison, the convict admitted he was at fault and

9. After 2 years of eating a lot of junk food while in jail, he gained a lot
of weight.

10. Now that he’s free, he has become a good citizen, enjoys his work, and
can even say that he lives within his comfort zone.

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