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Dear John

Settembre 2013
You can write to John Peter Sloan about your problems in love, life, everything. Write to him (in English, please! And put “Dear John” as the subject) at: webmaster@speakupmagazine.it By the way, John doesn’t enjoy answering questions about grammar and language. So, if you have any, please post them on language blog

di John Peter Sloan

John Peter Sloan
John Peter Sloan

Dear John,
I need help. I usually work a lot. I have two jobs, and my husband is angry with me. What should I do? I need to spend more time with my family, but I need to make money too...

Wow! At the moment you’re lucky to have a job at all! But I need more info: why are you working so much? And does your husband work? Anyway, my personal motto is: work to live, DO NOT live to work!

Dear John,
I’m having problems in my relationship. In the begining I had the control of the situation, but, as time passed, I started to like him more than before. As a result,  I think that he began to feel more confident and nowadays he doesn’t care about me like he did before. I’m trying to change this situation, but how can I do that? Please help me, because I love him so much, but I love myself first and, if this situation doesn’t change, I think we’ll break up.

I always said that, whether you like it or not, love is a game. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing: it keeps it interesting! You have to distance yourself a little. Call him less and talk about other interests that do not concern him. If he thinks you are moving away, his interest will be reignited. If he knows he has you in the palm of his hand, he may start being attracted to women who are a little more elusive. There always has to be the conquest factor with men.

Dear John,
I always lie to women and get caught out. I have to tell them I have a better job than I really have or make more money than I really do. I would like to be sincere but I can’t help it! Even worse is the fact that my memory isn’t great so I end up contradicting myself and looking like an idiot! Why do I do this?

We all know why you do it. You do it because you’re very insecure and you don’t think a lot of yourself. The truth is that women love humility and, if you tell them what you do (whatever it is) with a shy smile, they’ll love you forever. Amen.

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