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James Franco

Ottobre 2011
La star di Hollywood ci parla del suo ultimo film, L'alba del pianeta delle scimmie (On Rise of the Planet of the Apes), e dei trucchi per realizzarlo.
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James Franco
James Franco

James Franco talks about his role in the movie The Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He plays Will Rodman, a scientist who "adopts" a chimpanzee called Caesar:

James Franco (Standard American accent)

When Caesar comes to live with Will he… at first it’s almost like a… a… “Kramer v. Kramer” kind of situation, where a young man is forced into a parental role, not knowing anything about being a parent, but, in addition to that, because Caesar is so smart, Will also looks to him… is… is examining him as a, you know, an example of the drug in action, and so he’s both raising Caesar as a son and as a… a positive example of the drug effect… drug’s effects. As the movie progresses, I think the father-son kind of relationship takes over and… and Will becomes even more humane and less of a scientist and… starts to care about Caesar more than… the success of his… of his drug.

Caesar the chimpanzee is "played" by Andy Serkis:

James Franco

Andy Serkis has created this new kind of performance in a way. And he fell into it, I mean, he was cast as Gollum, just for his voice and then, I guess, Peter Jackson realised what a great performance… physical performance he was giving and that he should try and capture that in some ways, so Andy kind of fell into this performance capture… world and while we’re acting he is not in a(n) ape suit, he’s in, you know, these grey pyjama-looking things with sensors all over his body and he has dots on his face that will help the effects team read his expressions in the computer, so that everything that Andy’s doing is captured… So you would think that acting opposite somebody like that and trying to think that they were a chimpanzee would very difficult, but, from the first scene that we had together on, you know, it’s been, actually, it’s been easy because Andy is so, you know, good at the behaviour and he’s so connected to what he’s doing and, you know, the other actors, that he allows my imagination to take over and I really can treat him as if he were a chimpanzee.

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