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Poets' Corner - Soluzioni

Maggio 2010
Soluzioni agli esercizi presenti sulla rivista
Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher

Healthy Hearts

Honey loving you is taking a break,
As the sun reflects on the mountains off the lake.
And I dream perfect emotions like love and care;
And it seems like you're always, you're always there.

That is why you see, I can't leave your side.
With an unconscious understanding of you in my mind,
We are one, and together we share
All that is in a mother's nature and father's lead.

Now the feelings getting stronger,
and I'm loving and I'm caring even longer.
I smile in every sleep, assured of a soul to keep.
I can feel a presence all the time,
and the touch is so much!
It's like I never left anyone at all.
Never alone, never small.

You're a blessing, your caressing, is a gift and a lift,
Things are one flow, and I know you know, that I know you know.
Because it just is, and we just are.
And we'll always have, healthy hearts.

Affection is highly rated, but underrated still,
Sweet retreats can be happy returns,
When all are taught all will learn.
How we all have the same father, all have the same mother
And they're supposed to look after and love upon each other.

Exercise 2: Healthy Hearts

1. People are more aware today of living a healthy lifestyle.

2. To show affection, cats will often rub against your legs while purring.

3. Usually Disney movies are rated in such a way that anyone can go into the theatre to see them.

4. When sunlight reflects off of snow, it can sometimes hurt your eyes.

5. Meditation is good for the soul.

6. Sometimes poetry can lift your spirits.

7. Tom accidently rode his bicycle into a car and was knocked unconscious.

8. The doctor assured Tom that his head injuries were not serious.

9. Tom's parents gave him their blessing when he told them he was marrying a foreign girl.

10. Caressing is important to maintain a good relationship with your spouse.


Exercise 3

In almost all of Ryan's poem, you will notice various sound effects. In
Healthy Hearts the poet's recital seems to have been produced on a scratchy vinyl LP that were popular decades ago. Why do you think the poet has added this sound effect to this poem?
To add a feel of timelessness to the piece, to indicate the timelessness of romantic love. It is not a new thing but something that has been true to life since human history began.
At the end of the poem, why does the reciter change the tone of his voice?

The last few lines of the poem are no longer a personal address to the person he is in love with but addressing a general audience. The tone becomes less romantic and personal, because the purpose is less romantic and personal.

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