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Poets' Corner - Soluzioni

Giugno 2010
Soluzioni agli esercizi presenti sulla rivista
Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher

Café Morning             

Tomato red walls make a mood of settlement.
I sit in the corner, on a corner couch,
Not cornered,
But open.

I didn’t come here for the over-roasted coffees
Or an ageless lemon seed muffin,
That I bought through the process of elimination,
The least worst,
Just like we vote,

No, I’m not here for the food,
But a good place to ease in,
On an open scheduled morning,
And read,
And write,
And observe.

This place is the art of atmosphere.
It draws.
It would be a fine place to recite,
Because it invites you to take the time,
To listen.

I hear three different conversations going on.
I can see how everyone has a life,
Everyone has a day,
This, but one of the many intersections.

Profit motive is clear on how things are run.
Phony acting staff with well rehearsed deliveries of deeply researched greetings,
Triple bottom line cheap foods,
Generic mood music,
Tiny and over-priced portions,
Yes, a recipe for financial success.

But, I want to feel warm,
Feel anonymous,
And observe.

So here I am.

Giving business to someone who likely cares nothing of me,
Other than the weight of my wallet,
Willingness to obey,
And my mood to pay.

I did not want to converse today.
I did all that yesterday.
A good day,
A different day,
Bright blue,
Output day,
Now it’s an input,

The lives all lived around me,
What people do in a North Burnaby cafe
Upon a Wednesday morning.

When I walked from the counter,
And proceeded directly to the comfy corner,
Observers would easily observe,

Not to be bothered.
So they don’t.
Not good for business.

I am not here,
I am everywhere,
In every interaction,
As pieces of you,
That are pieces of me.

My body sits open,
While my soul soars around the room,
Learning of itself,
And what it is to be human.

Why do people read newspapers?
Why do others love to complain?
Why does that woman wear a suit?
And what kind of thoughts is her friend conveying?

Yes, when I walked through the door I disappeared,
And became everyone else today,
In this cozy cafe.


Exercise 2:  

1. Have you ever purchased something, only to find out later that it was way over-priced?

2. Sometimes when we converse we use quotes from famous people, and at other the times the quotes are from someone anonymous.

3. It's beautiful to observe some birds as they soar effortlessly through the sky.

4. Some people say the motive behind most advertising is to make viewers feel fearful, and that the product being advertised will eliminate that fear.

5. The atmosphere in some coffee shops can be quite comfy, while in others it can be quite uncomfortable.

6. Lately some companies have had to downsize and layoff a lot of staff.

7. A lot of shoppers are buying generic products now because they are cheaper than brand name products.

8. John lost his expensive leather wallet and all his identification was in it.

9. After losing all of his ID, John was in a bad mood for days.

10. John also found out that a diamond ring he bought was phony.

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