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Poets' Corner - Soluzioni

Aprile 2010
Soluzioni agli esercizi presenti sulla rivista
Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher

Sands of Time

What you're reading is in my world,
My impressions, as my world unfurls,
I guess I need you to notice the lines
To feel belonged in the sands of time.

The trail I leave is the letters learned,
The alphabet used, and  the way of the words,
For those who encode just what they say,
I'm in love with you today.

I have the gall to believe that I might
Have words worth more than the paper on which I write.
Who am I with something to say?
Why would you believe me anyway?

All I can do is leave my track.
Leave it for me and keep looking back,
On what I meant, what time and why?
To see if I'm a smarter guy.

Maybe some way I've made words of worth,
that can guide your way across the earth
in some kind of better way,
To help you better understand today.

There is no ledge to knowledge.... no,
The more I travel I see it's so,
But I watch the trails of many men 

I watch them as they get filled back in again, with sand.

Key to Exercise 2 on page 60 of the magazine

1. When you have an interview for a job it's very important to make a good first impression.
2. The interviewer noticed that the job applicant was wearing a suit with the price tag still on it.
3. The job candidate had the gall to ask the interviewer how much his shoes cost.
4. The interviewer replied that his shoes were of great worth because the heels were made of gold.
5. Steve got a job at a flag shop and his first duty was to paint all the window ledges red.
6. Each morning Steve had to unfurl the company flag and raise it up the flag pole.
7. Steve was fired from his job and a security guard guided him out the back door.
8. As Steve followed a trail through the woods, he found a chest full of shoes with gold heels.

Key to Exercise 3 on page 61 of the magazine

1. That car is worth a lot of money.
2. The boy scout used a compass to guide him out of the forest.
3. All of the trails were difficult to follow because of so much undergrowth.
4. What was your impression of the movie?
5. Did you notice that this horror film was written and produced by a guy named R.U. Scared?
The hiker fell off the cliff but was able to hang on to the rocky ledge.

Where I'll Roam

I'm one hundred miles gone,
one hundred down the road,
and I might not make it back,
Lord knows where I'll roam.

I've had thirty cigarettes today,
only three more to go,
I'll buy another pack,
somewhere down that road.

I'm forgetting where I've been,
with so many places I go,
have I gotten off my track?
Lord knows where I'll roam.

So I guess I'll stick out my thumb,
or I'll find another phone,
with a whiskey in my pack,
I'll never be alone.

When the night is getting dark,
and the lights come on the road,
I forget where I am,
and don't care where I go.

I'm not my folks and friends,
I'm not my boyhood home,
I'm a traveller on a track,
lord knows where I'll roam.

I have no need for time,
so I'll smoke, drink, and get stoned,
I don't care who I am,
just leave me alone.

I have stepped out of line,
do not own or get owned,
but I'll trade you this for that,
lord knows where I'll roam.

There's some kind of reason,
I don't care to know,
I do not care for that,
the road is my home,
who knows where I'll roam.

Exercise 2 on page 62 of the magazine:

1. You should phone your parents if you intend to be home later than planned.

2. A famous cowboy song has the words, " Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam".

3. For relaxation some people like to listen to music and get stoned.

4. Do you think it's healthier to drink beer, wine, or whiskey?

5. During his boyhood, Jose used to play a lot of soccer but now he just watches it on TV.

6. Some of the older folks in Jose's hometown still play soccer even though they're in their seventies.

7. Nowadays a lot of students carry their books in a pack.

8. It’s your sister’s birthday, don’t’ forget to call her. 


Exercise 3 on page 62 of the magazine:  

1. The last time I drank whiskey, I got a hangover.

2. Forgetting people's names is a problem Bob's had ever since he was in a bad car accident.

3. One of my boyhood dreams was to become a professional baseball player when I grew up.

4. Wild animals like to roam free, while domesticated animals are usually happy at home.

5. While the hunters were following the moose tracks, it began to snow heavily.

6. Since his accident, Bob likes to ride his bike now, except when it rains.

7. Do you own a cell phone?

8. Bob says he only smokes one pack of cigarettes a day.

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