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Western Style - Parley Pearce

Febbraio 2008
Parley Pearce on cowboy clothing
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Mark Worden (Standard British accent):

The February issue of Speak Up contains a feature on 'Western Style' clothing. In this out-take Parley Pearce of Hamley's in Pendleton, Oregon, describes the store's catalog from the 1920s:

Parley Pearce (Standard American accent):

These are all pictures of old cowboys and their horses, and then these are letters from all the cowboys. And they, responding to how they liked their cowboy gear, their saddle, you know, or something like that. This was from Naches, Washington: "Hamley and Company, Pendleton, Oregon: Received saddle the other day, everything OK. I think it is the best saddle I have ever seen. I never ordered anything that came exactly as I wanted it before. I will speak a good word for Hamley and Company. Everything very satisfactory indeed. A.H. Sinclair."


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