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Poets' Corner - Soluzioni

Ottobre 2010
Soluzioni agli esercizi presenti sulla rivista

di Poetry by Ryan Fletcher, Exercises by Mark Charland

Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher

Answers: Singer


Her voice soars through pitches like time through light,
Marking every emotive with pointillist precision,
Without decision,
But incision.
As if it was always there but just now found.

Her majestic sound.

And words to be heard like thoughts in the ripples,
Both welcome and not, they make waves that tickle.
The flow of existence in air,
Between nowhere and somewhere, beware.
Her words are in there.

She must be some kind of majesty of sorcery,
Because the source, is free,
And flowing with the
Artistry she creates in these

Open heart
Open mind
Open door,
Madam Roar!

Exercise 2:

1. Ripples that form from a stone dropped in water, radiate outwards in
perfect circles.

2. As the train rounded the curve, the majestic Rocky Mountains came into

3. Often if you tickle someone too much they will become angry.

4. The sign on the frozen pond said, "Beware of thin ice".

5. Nothing is more frightening than a lion's roar when you're walking
through the jungle.

6. People are still debating the existence of life on other planets.

7. The source of some viruses that people get sick from, is animals.

8. Practicioners of sorcery were sometimes killed during the medieval ages.

9. The precision of laser surgery allows doctors to perform micro-surgery
with extreme accuracy.

10. After heart surgery, Joe's incision quickly healed with the help of
today's wonder drugs.

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