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Extraordinary English! Courses with a Difference

Gennaio 2014
Demi-Pair in Australia

di ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service

The biggest problem facing many people who would like to study English abroad is the cost.  
Perth International College of English, in Western Australia, has a solution. Girls aged over 18 can stay with a local family as a demi-pair in exchange for their room and board. They must help the family for 15 hours per week, usually playing with children, babysitting or doing some light housework. If the student works more than 15 hours, then the extra hours are paid at A$12 per hour (about €8).
By following this programme, costs are almost halved because the student only has to pay for her course, but the results are doubled because she must speak English constantly.
To follow the programme students need a pre-intermediate level of English (A2+). They must follow a 4-week intensive course and stay with a family as a paying guest while they familiarise themselves with the Australian way of life and brush up their English. During this time they will meet the family with whom they will then spend a minimum of 12 weeks as a demi-pair. 

The course    English & Demi-Pair
Where    Perth, Western Australia
When    All year
How long    Minimum 16 weeks
Target    18+ (females only)
How much    from AU$ 5,490
Organisation    Perth International College of English

ELCS - The English Language Consultancy Service is a free service offered by the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy to anyone wishing to study English abroad. Its partner schools are all recognised at a local level and offer quality English language courses for students of all ages.

Info: Susan Boyle, English Language Consultant at the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy. Tel: 02 876981 or elcs@britchamitaly.com

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