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A Great British Bake Off

Gennaio 2018
È un successo anche in Italia, ma la trasmissione originale The Great British Bake Off nasce proprio in Gran Bretagna: ecco la storia dello show che ha riacceso la passione - e il forno - di milioni di spettatori… By Cath McLellan

di Cath McLellan © British Council

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From left to right, GBBO presenters Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig and judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Ruth.
From left to right, GBBO presenters Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig and judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Ruth.

Speaker: Alex Warner (Standard British accent)

One of the most popular TV programmes in the UK is a reality show called The Great British Bake Off. Each week, ordinary people compete to make the best cake and bread within a time limit. The competition takes place in a very large tent in a big garden. There are two judges and two hosts, and each week the judges choose a ‘star baker’ (the best baker). They also choose one person who must leave the competition. At the end of ten weeks there is one winner.


The programme started in 2010, and nobody expected it to be popular. People really enjoyed watching the baking and the good atmosphere on the show. Originally broadcast on BBC One, last year the show made a risky move to Channel 4. Many people thought that this would mean much smaller audiences - but they were wrong! In fact, and despite competition from big digital giants such as Netflix, Apple and Amazon that have moved into television, the show received high ratings especially among 16 to 34 year-olds, who are the hardest audience to attract.


Bake Off is very different from other reality TV shows. Some people think the show is typically British, with a good sense of humour and friendly people. Viewers also really enjoy learning how to make different types of cakes, biscuits and bread.  
Since the show started, baking has become very popular in the UK, and many young people have started baking at home. Shops have sold lots of products for baking, like bowls and food mixers. More than 19 per cent of British people bake at least once a week at home now.


Around 9 million people watched the final episode of the show last October. The winner was former Army officer Sophie Faldo. She beat health and safety inspector Kate Lyon and marketing professional Steven Carter-Bailey.
The new hosts are the comedian Noel Fielding and the quiz show presenter Sandi Toksvig. The judges are food columnist Prue Ruth and celebrity chef Paul Hollywood, who stayed with the show after it moved to Channel 4. There was controversy, as Ruth mistakenly announced the winner eleven hours early on Twitter! She apologised and explained that she was in Bhutan and had become confused by the time difference. Everyone laughed and forgave her.

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Bake off. Una gara di cucina, letteralmente “gara a sfornare”, perché il verbo to bake indica specificamente il “cuocere in forno”. Il nome del programma gioca anche con la somiglianza fonetica con face off, che è un confronto faccia a faccia fra due persone. Una specie di duello tra pasticceri.