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A Silver Present for the Royal Baby

Dicembre 2013
L'argentiere Ari Norman ci racconta del suo regalo per il Royal Baby: una scatola per la fatina dei denti. Già... chissà quanto darà la fatina dei denti al principe George!

di Mark Worden


Ari Norman
Ari Norman

Ari Norman is an award-winning silversmith. When his company exhibited at the Macef trade fair in Milan he and his son Adam showed us something that had been designed for the royal baby:
We made two items. One is a tooth fairy box. Perhaps you could undo it for me, Adam. It’s got the royal crown on it, in purple colour. A tooth fairy box is where you put the first tooth of a baby. Traditionally in England we put the tooth under the pillow and the child wakes up and finds some silver coins in exchange. This is where you keep the tooth. Tooth fairy boxes are very popular around the world. Each country likes different motifs on the top, but this one was made for the new prince.

(Ari Norman was talking to Mark Worden)

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