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Aarrgghh!!! Clothes or planes?

Gennaio 2015
Gli strafalcioni in inglese non si vedono solo in Italia, tranquilli: anche i madrelingua ne fanno di bellissimi! All'aeroporto di Dublino, per esempio, non hanno gli hangars, ma gli hangers (degli appendini)...

di Kathleen Cornford

For those of you who think that the main purpose of this column is to laugh at Italian mistakes, think again! Mother-tongue speakers also produce signs with embarrassing errors, often the type that foreign speakers wouldn’t make. Our thanks to Francesco Perini who took this photo (click here to enlarge the image) in Dublin. Seeing as it was taken at an airport, the words should be “hangars,” and not “hangers,” the things on which you hang your clothes...

If you see English mistakes (in Italy, the UK, anywhere!) that make you scream “Aarrgghh!!!” take a photo (please make sure
it’s in focus!) and send it to redazione@speakupmagazine.it. We will publish the best (that is, the worst) both here and on our Facebook page.

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