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Aarrgghh!!! Oh my dog!

Luglio 2016
Vietato l'accesso ai cani... come si traduce? Anzi: CHI lo traduce? In questo cartello milanese, sicuramente non c'è lo zampino né di un madrelingua né di un traduttore professionista! Se vedete scritte che vi fanno urlare "Aarrgghh!" fotografatele e inviatecele!

This isn’t the first time the city of Milan has been caught using an automatic translator! In this case (click here to enlarge the image) a “Google search” would have found the right phrase ("No dogs allowed"). Let’s hope the new mayor will do something about this!  

If you see English mistakes (in Italy, the UK, anywhere!) that make you scream “Aarrgghh!!!” take a photo (please make sure it’s in focus!) and send it to redazione@speakupmagazine.it
We will publish the best (that is, the worst) both here and on our Facebook page.

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