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Affordable Art

Marzo 2010
Chi ha stabilito che le opere d’arte devono costare un occhio? Will Ramsey, gallerista inglese di larghe vedute, ha aperto la prima fiera dell’arte low-cost. E i collezionisti paiono gradire.

di John Rigg

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Rachael Edgar's “Love is a Wager in an Open Car”
Rachael Edgar's “Love is a Wager in an Open Car”

Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent)

The Affordable Arts Fair (AAF) is one of London’s most important and popular contemporary art events. It’s an art fair with a difference. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the prices are low. That’s because there is a maximum price limit of £3,000 (€3,400). The fair is at the Battersea Evolution arena in Battersea Park, in south London, from March 11th to 14th.


Will Ramsey is the founder of the AAF. Interest in art increased in the 1990s, and Ramsey wanted to open the exclusive art world to everyone. In 1996 he opened the gallery Art Warehouse in Putney, London. He created a relaxed atmosphere and sold new artists’ work at relatively low prices – from €55 to €2,800.
The Art Warehouse was a big success. Ramsey decided to organise the first AAF in October 1999. The fair attracted 150 artists and over 10,000 visitors. Today the London fair attracts 25,000 visitors and the AAF is a global phenomenon. There are also AAF events in Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, New York and Singapore.


This is artist Rachael Edgar’s fifth year at the AAF. She says, “It’s brilliant! People come and buy art for the first time in their lives. And there’s a real mix of work, from painting to sculpture to photography to printmaking.” This year Edgar brings “Love is a Wager in an Open Car”: it will cost you just €255.
New artist Orlando Lund has visited the fair several times, and he bought a Peter Blake print five years ago. He says, “The AAF definitely inspired me, and influenced the type of work I do.” He explains, “You see the work of a new artist and think ‘Wow!’ and then you think ‘I could do that.’ ”


The fair offers new and experienced collectors a wide range of works, from Paul Bower’s inexpensive print “You Are Free” (€187) to established artists Christine Relton and Tom Marine’s “Three Fish XI” at €2,550. Art advisor Thea Westreich says, “For some people, it’s a party, and everyone loves a party! For some, it’s an investment. And, for others, it’s their passion.”

Affordable Arts Fair
Battersea Evolution
Battersea Park, London
Information: +44 (0)20 8246 4848
Tickets: +44 (0)870 777 2255
Website: www.affordableartfair.co.uk

Will’s Art Warehouse
180 Lower Richmond Road,
Putney, London SW15 1LY
Tel: +44 (0)20 8246 4840
email: info@wills-art.com

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affordable arts fair - lett. fiera dell’arte a un prezzo accessibile.

increased - aumentò.

printmaking - stampe.

wager - scommessa.