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Be a star in Hollywood!

Maggio 2013
Improve your language skills in the heart of Hollywood with our full immersion English PLUS Film studies programme in Los Angeles. Discover an innovative and effective approach to learning, allowing you to make rapid and long-lasting progress while becoming an expert at film-making.

di ESL Soggiorni Linguistici

When you think about language learning, what immediately comes to mind is a classroom with people sitting and listening to a teacher fidgeting in front of a blackboard and writing endless grammar rules – which no one will be able to remember anyway.

Well, this time is over. Today foreign language learning is interactive, dynamic and fun. Participants are the leading actors of their learning, which means they can make rapid progress with the language they are studying.

The English PLUS Film Studies programme offered by ESL Soggiorni linguistici in Los Angeles combines 20 weekly general English lessons with 8 hours of classes dedicated to the seventh art. English classes allow participants to study in an academic setting while “film studies” lessons give them the opportunity to put their new language knowledge into practice with topics related to filmmaking, including film history, script writing, acting and production.

There are many advantages to this innovative approach. All language skills are exercised, including speaking, listening, writing, reading, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Participants develop a theoretical and practical knowledge of filmmaking thanks to specific workshops. This is the ideal combination to achieve your objectives and boost your skills.

There are a dozen other specialised courses like this one. The ESL Soggiorni linguistici agency offers English PLUS Art & Design, German PLUS Music and Spanish PLUS dance courses, among others. Book a language PLUS course and combine language learning with your favourite hobby.

For more info, contact ESL on +39 02 89 05 84 44, see www.esl.it or visit their office in Roma, Milano, Bologna or Verona.


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