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California Dreaming - The West Coast is Yours! (Special advertising section)

Novembre 2013
Do you have a bit of time ahead of you and wish to improve your English? Have you always dreamt of driving across the West Coast and exploring L.A., San Francisco and Las Vegas? You can now do both at the same time!

di ESL

Special advertising section

Why Travel Abroad?

Travelling abroad to develop your language skills is certainly the most effective way to make rapid and lasting progress.

Full immersion allows you to communicate in English throughout the day, whether in the classroom, with your friends, at home or during the numerous activities you will take part in.  

Exploring local culture and meeting other students from all over the world are essential elements in a language course abroad. You can learn a lot from having contact with new habits and customs which are very different from those back home. In this way you will develop greater flexibility, adaptability and autonomy, qualities which are increasingly valued by companies today.

On the Road

Some language schools go beyond the language learning experience by offering students a chance to combine their language course with varied options: part of the day is dedicated to a sport, an art activity or an academic option, allowing students to practise the language outside the classroom.

In San Francisco a partner school offers you the chance to strengthen your language skills while travelling along the West Coast. Following an English course of a minimum of two weeks, you will leave San Francisco for an exciting seven-day road trip and discover the many attractions of California and Nevada. Accompanied by a professional guide, you will explore the area, stopping to visit beautiful places like Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite National Park.

A leading language travel organisation for more than 15 years, ESL – Soggiorni linguistici offers different packages to meet different needs, ensuring rapid progress at the best rate. Contact us for more information or for a personalised interview.

Come on and take the next step: when you can speak another language, the world is yours!

For more info, contact ESL on +39 02 89 05 84 44, see www.esl.it or visit their office in Roma, Milano, Bologna or Verona.

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