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Condoleezza Rice - The President's Woman

Aprile 2005
Per i suoi sostenitori la carica di Segretario di Stato non basta. Già diversi siti internet, come www.Rice2008.com,  la vogliono alla Casa Bianca. Rice smentisce di volersi candidare. Basteranno tre anni per convincerla?

di John Rigg

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Condoleezza Rice
Condoleezza Rice

Speaker: Chuck Rolando (Standard American accent)

“In Dr. Rice, the world will see the strength, the grace and the decency of our country,” proclaimed U.S. President George W. Bush when Condoleezza Rice became the new US Secretary of State earlier this year. Some people question Dr. Rice’s qualifications for the job. Does an academic have the experience to substitute the previous Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, who commanded US forces through conflicts such as Desert Storm? Richard Clarke, a former government advisor and author of the book, Against All Enemies: Inside America’s War on Terror, says that Rice and her colleagues in the Bush administration knew little about the terrorist threat when they took office in 2001. In an interview the year before, however, Rice mentioned bin Laden and concluded: “We must organize the intelligence agencies to stop terrorism.”

A brilliant career

Dr. Rice is an extraordinary woman. Born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1954 to middle-class parents, Rice concentrated on her education despite the racist violence of the times. Her parents believed in education and not civil rights protest. Rice played the piano when she was three years old and could read and write at five. Her mother told her that people considered blacks to be intellectually inferior, so she decided to be three times better than average. She succeeded and was only 15 years old when she went to Denver University in 1969 to study political science. Condoleezza Rice’s government career began in 1989 at the National Security Council (NSC), where she was a director and specialist in Russian affairs. This was when George Bush, senior was president. She returned to academic life at Stanford University, California in 1991 and became the first woman provost of the university in 1993. She returned to the NSC in 2001 as assistant to the NSC President. She has also been on the board of directors of a number of companies, including Chevron. Condoleezza Rice originally joined the Republicans because, she says, “This party sees me as an individual... In America, with education and hard work, it isn’t important where you come from – it’s important where you are going.” It helps if you have a friend. She met George W. Bush in 1995 in Texas on a visit to see his father. They talked about their passion for baseball. In August 1998 they were together again at the Bush family house in Kennebunkport, Maine. “Between tennis games and going out on the boat, we had conversations about foreign policy,” Rice remembers.  Bush considers Rice so highly because, he says “she can explain foreign policy in a way I can understand.”

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strength - forza.

decency - onestà, rispettabilità.

to question - mettere in dubbio.

former - ex.

threat - minaccia.

education - istruzione.

than average - della media.

provost - rettore.

board of directors - consiglio d’amministrazione.

foreign policy - poli­tica estera.