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Dear John

Novembre 2013
You can write to John Peter Sloan about your problems in love, life, everything. Write to him (in English, please! And put “Dear John” as the subject) at: webmaster@speakupmagazine.it By the way, John doesn’t enjoy answering questions about grammar and language. So, if you have any, please post them on language blog

di John Peter Sloan

John Peter Sloan
John Peter Sloan

Dear John,
I’ve got a simple problem: I’ve got a girfriend and I know she loves me and I love her.
Actually, I am learning how to love her, but I am really interested in meeting other girls. Please tell me what I should do!
Mr. L

It’s your nature. Many men respect their girlfriends and resist temptation.
Some men submit to temptation and risk losing their girlfriends. Some men occasionally submit. Some men just go with anything female, temptation or not!
It all depends on you, on how much you respect your girlfriend...

Dear John,
Last November I was on holiday in New York City. I went there to visit my friend Mike who provided me with hospitality at his apartment in  SoHo.
Before leaving for New York I booked an English course. One morning before going to school a funny thing happened.
I was preparing to go to school but... I couldn’t find my RUBBER. Mike noticed this and he asked me, “What are you looking for?” “I’m looking for my RUBBER,” I said. “Your what?” “My RUBBER!” “Your RUBBER?” “Yes, my rubber, to erase mistakes, you know?” “Dude,” he said, “in American English it means CONDOM!“
We both started laughing.
After that I said, “Can you imagine me telling the teacher, “I’m sorry, I’m late because I was looking for my rubber. I couldn’t find it... what a pity, I only used it twice!!!“

Ironic though, isn’t it? How both rubbers protect you from making embarrassing mistakes ;)

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