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Dog Mania!

Luglio 2013
I cani non saranno gli animali più popolari del Regno Unito, ma sono sicuramente i più coccolati. Non esiste accessorio umano che non abbia un corrispettivo canino! E, in tempo di vacanze, non dimenticate che esistono anche pensioni, motel e spa per i vostri amici a quattro zampe!

di Sally Trowbridge © British Council

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Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent)

What is the number one favourite pet in the UK? If you think the answer is “dogs,” you are wrong. There are 8.6 million cats and 8.3 million dogs in Britain according to recent figures, but experts predict that there will be more dogs than cats next year as dogs become more and more popular.


We like to spend time with our pets. The Queen is famous for her corgis and is often photographed with them. Nowadays some dog owners are more extreme – a few TV celebrities even take their dogs shopping or to restaurants. Chihuahuas are especially popular as “handbag dogs” because they are so small.


People are also giving their pets holidays. Many UK hotels and holiday parks now welcome dogs as guests. What about owners who go abroad? They can leave their pets at a dog hotel or dog spa while
they are away. Some even provide their canine guests with a TV.


The British charity, Dogs Trust, finds homes for thousands of lost and abandoned dogs every year. Their famous slogan “A dog is for life and not just for Christmas” was created in the 1970s to teach people about the responsibility of owning a dog. Dogs Trust told British people not to give dogs as gifts or treat them like toys.


Victoria Sitwell is the host of the popular TV programme called It’s Me or the Dog. In the show Victoria helps dog owners with their pets’ bad behaviour. She tries to find solutions to problems such as a Dalmatian who thinks he owns the house and won’t let the family sit on the sofa, dogs that will only eat ice cream and biscuits and even a bulldog who uses the owner’s bed as a toilet. Yuck!

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