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Education in the Metaverse

Aprile 2022
Una ricerca condotta per 3 anni e l’esperienza come expat a Dubai hanno portato Monica Perna, English coach creatrice di Impara l’Inglese con Monica, a strutturare un percorso didattico che ribalta l’apprendimento tradizionale: esperienze immersive, tool innovativi e le avanguardie del Metaverso sono al centro del Metodo AUGE.

di Monica Perna

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Speaker: Molly Malcolm (American accent)

In 2022, the buzzword that best describes the current cultural scene and that of our near future is ‘Metaverse’. The Metaverse can be defined as ‘a universe within a universe’; a simulated digital environment that takes full advantage of the constant evolution of the internet, the virtual reality of social media and the ultimate immersive technology of video games, augmented reality, 3D reconstruction, virtual currency, video conferences and online shopping.
In this innovative environment, businesses face a challenge in coexisting and thriving in a parallel world where our alter egos —avatars equipped with advanced and powerful tools— are capable of experiencing things faster and gaining advantages that may never be possible in real life.


A breakthrough has already taken place in the digital world, with social media company Facebook rebranding itself as Meta, in honour of its dedication to developing the Metaverse. However, one of the most important advantages of the Metaverse is in fact to be seen in the field of education.
Monica Perna is an English coach and entrepreneur originally from Brianza in Italy. Since 2019 she has been living and working in Dubai, where she founded AUGE International Consulting, a pioneering digital company in the education sector. As Perna explains, when she moved to Dubai, she quickly identified the advantages of using the Metaverse for enhanced learning of any subject:

Monica Perna: 

I discovered that the contribution of technologies typically used in the Metaverse really make a difference to the quality of learning and the results produced. We need to move with the times, teaching can’t be based on outdated and obsolete methods, whether it’s in the approach or in the way we study.


According to Perna, the new technology has enormous potential, particularly in democratising learning:

Monica Perna:

Immersive, interactive, dynamic and engaging experiences are at the heart of my teaching programme, which aims to change the entire way we study. I wanted to make it a powerful emotional experience by employing a combination of technology and virtual reality. Access to education through e-learning was once looked upon with skepticism by the traditional teaching establishment. However, today it represents a new frontier, offering a more accessible and democratic learning method. Everyone has the right to learn, wherever and whenever they can. Everyone should have access to ways in which they can fulfill their potential.


It was with this in mind that she chose to develop her new AUGE teaching method in the futuristic and innovative environment of Dubai. Both the AUGE and the Metaverse approach to teaching English include the use of digital tools and applications, such as online whiteboards, live group streaming, animated content, virtual study trips plus conversations with mother-tongue English speakers from around the world. The AUGE method also includes instant memorizing techniques using graphics or animated contents adopted from social media. This, above all, incentivises cooperative and motivational learning, as Perna explains.

Monica Perna:

The concept of the Metaverse was already present in my company’s vision of a new approach to teaching and creating a better learning experience. When learning a language like English, so crucial today, it is necessary to find an approach that adapts to today’s requirements and lifestyle. Moreover, as a parallel world, the Metaverse has to integrate with a person’s life, and so be totally real, constant, experiential and immersive. The potential of education in the Metaverse can produce results beyond all expectations. It’s for this reason that I hope that businesses, institutions, even schools and families will soon feel ready to accept a change that is already in progress, and which will become extremely important in the coming years  


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