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Everyday conversations: Getting a tourist visa

Maggio 2017
Come si richiede il visto (o il passaporto)... ok, al di là degli step burocratici: come si chiede a livello linguistico? Ecco una pratica conversazione a riguardo: se state preparando un viaggio, il vocabolario di questo dialogo vi tornerà utile!

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Speaker (Standard American accent)

Getting a tourist visa. In this conversation, the family discusses the steps needed to apply for a U.S. tourist visa.

Sam (Standard American accent)

Did we book our flights yet for our trip to the U.S.?

Claudine (Standard American accent)

Sam, first we need to get our visas. When do we go to the U.S. Embassy for our tourist visa interviews?

Gina (Standard American accent)

We have a lot to do before going to the interviews. First, we need individual pictures of each of us. There are photo requirements, so we probably should go to a photography studio that takes passport photos.


What else do we need to do?

Paul (Standard American accent)

There’s a form to fill out. After we complete the form, we must print the confirmation page. We need to bring that page to our interviews.


And we have to schedule our interviews at the U.S. Embassy.


And I’ve checked our passports. All of our passports are valid for at least six months after our trip.



To book something means to make arrangements to have or use something at a date in the future. In the conversation, to book a flight means to buy airline tickets in advance.

A tourist visa is an official stamp or mark put in your passport by officials that gives you permission to enter a country as a tourist (someone traveling for pleasure).

An interview is a formal meeting at which a person is asked questions.

Photo requirements are the detailed rules about how the photo must be taken. These requirements often include the size of the photo, the position of the person’s face in the photo, the background in the photo, etc.

To fill something out means to complete something (such as a form) by providing information.

A confirmation page is a response that shows information was received. In the conversation, the confirmation page shows that the form was completed and received.

Valid means legally or officially acceptable.

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