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Everyday Conversations: Promoting a product

Ottobre 2016
Trademark, brand, product: anche se non lavorate nel settore marketing siete inondati di questi termini inglesi, raramente tradotti. Ascoltate questo comune dialogo sull'argomento, per impararne il significato… e la pronuncia!

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The launch of our newest phone wasn’t very successful. What can we do now to promote the phone?


We can advertise online, through social media, and we can give away free accessories for the phone.


Those are both good ideas. Make sure that the accessories are our brand. We don’t want to promote another company’s product.


Of course. My team will make sure that our trademark is on everything related to the promotion.


Good. Our goal is for every cellphone consumer not only to want our new phone but also to buy it.


Okay, I’ll have my team brainstorm, and tomorrow we will present an entire promotional campaign to you.


A launch is the introduction of a new product or service for sale to the public.

To promote means to make people aware of something, such as a new product, through some type of advertising, special event, sale, etc.

To advertise is to make people aware of a product or service that is being sold.

An accessory is something additional (extra) that is not necessary but is attractive or useful. Examples of cellphone accessories are screen protectors and cellphone cases.

A brand is a product made or sold by a particular company.

A product is something that is made or grown to be sold, often in large quantities.

A trademark is a name or symbol that identifies a particular company’s product and that cannot be used without permission.

A consumer is a person who uses a product or service and often is the person who also purchases the product or service.

A promotional campaign is a series of advertisements using various marketing tools that share similar messages to promote a product or service, with the ultimate goal of creating sales.

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