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Gordon Brown

Luglio 2005
Tony Blair ha vinto il suo terzo mandato senza convincere. In pole position per la successione sulla poltrona di primo ministro, il delfino-rivale Gordon Brown, attuale ministro delle finanze.

di John Rigg

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Gordon Brown
Gordon Brown

Speaker: Rachel Roberts (Standard British accent)

Many people believe Gordon Brown will be Britain’s next prime minister.
Today he is the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the British government. He is the longest-serving chancellor since William Gladstone in the 19th Century.
He will go down in history as the man who made the Bank of England an independent institution with the power to set national interest rates.
As a prudent Scotsman, he saw the importance of long-term planning and stability for the economy.
In fact the British economy has never been stronger.
He is also an idealist and is totally committed to helping third world nations through the Commission for Africa, which he set up with Tony Blair. He says, “Progress means all nations advancing together.”

Family man

People have said that Gordon Brown is a cold, machine-like politician, but today that view is changing
After his marriage to Sarah Macaulay in 2000, he was hit by tragedy. The couple’s first child died after 10 days. They now have a son called John.
Brown and Tony Blair have worked together since they both entered parliament in 1983.
Blair became the Labour Party leader on the death of John Smith in 1994 and he became prime minister in 1997.
It is thought that they made a pact in 1994: Brown wouldn’t challenge Blair for the leadership, but Blair would later let Brown succeed him.
Today Blair’s supporters say that Brown would never have obtained the same results as the current prime minister.
Brown has many supporters, especially from the traditional left section of the party, and will probably become the next prime minister. However, his record is not all positive: he has cut invalid benefits, held back pensions and supported the partial privatisation of hospitals.

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will go down in history - passerà alla storia.

to set national interest rates - stabilire i tassi d’interesse nazionali.

long-term planning - pianificazione a lungo termine.

committed - impegnato.

to set up - organizzare.

hit - colpito.

to challenge - sfidare.

(he has) held back - ha bloccato.