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Knitting Mania!

Ottobre 2008
Grazie a celebrità come Cameron Diaz e Uma Thurman, il lavoro a maglia ha ripreso credibilità. Anzi, è glamour! E anche in Italia sferruzzare è squisitamente trendy.

di Derek Workman

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The Friday Night Knitting Club
The Friday Night Knitting Club
Paula Chew
Paula Chew

Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent):

Apart from being famous actors, what do Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Daryl Hannah and Uma Thurman have in common? The answer? They are all knitters!


Knitting is the latest craze, with over 24 million knitters and crocheters in the United States alone. Reasons for the surge include stress relief, creative outlet, tactile pleasure, sense of accomplishment and meditation. At a number of private schools in the US, children are taught knitting as part of the curriculum, as it’s believed to help improve mathematical skills, concentration and dexterity. Indeed teachers have found that students are more receptive to all types of learning after knitting for a period of time. Research indicates that your pulse rate slows and your blood pressure lowers when you knit.


Knitting was once seen as the domain of little old ladies, but that all changed with the advent of the “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch” movement in the United States. The idea was to bring women together to “knit and natter.” “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch” was launched in 2001 by Bust magazine editor Debbie Stoller and it has since spawned five books and a “Stitch and Beach” cruise.


And it’s not just the ladies who are picking up the needles. London is home to “I Knit,” which describes itself as “a shop and sanctuary for knitters.” It also has a licenced bar and is run by two men, Gerrard Allt and Craig Carruthers. As well as regular “knit-ins,” the group organises meetings in pubs in central London where members can enjoy a pint or two, while knitting up a scarf, pair of gloves, or whatever takes their fancy. And last, but not least, there’s www.menwhoknit.com, which is dedicated to “promoting and inspiring the art of knitting among men.”
Paula Chew is an Englishwoman who has been knitting all her life. As she explains to Speak Up, she is delighted about the craft’s recent increase in popularity:

Paula Chew (Standard English/northern accent):

It starts off with a small circle of people who see knitwear being brought into the catwalks, the fashion designers in perhaps London, or all over the world, I mean, America... obviously knitting is very big in America, and it just has like a ripple effect, it will fire people’s imaginations and younger people’s imaginations. Maybe they can’t get exactly what they want in the shops and think, “Oh well, maybe I could do that myself.” Young people go into pubs and sit and knit in pubs. I mean, that is... you wouldn’t have heard of that 10 years ago. It’s fantastic!


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they are all knitters - lavorano tutte a maglia.

the latest craze - l’ultima moda.

crocheters - persone che lavorano all’uncinetto.

surge - aumento.

stress relief - alleviare lo stress.

outlet - sfogo.

sense of accomplishment - soddisfazione.

indeed - in effetti.

lowers - si abbassa.

knit and natter - lett, lavorare a maglia e chiacchierare.

Bust... editor - direttrice della rivista Bust.

it has since spawned - da allora ha originato.

cruise - crociera.

who are picking up the needles - che prendono in mano i ferri.

whatever takes their fancy - qualsiasi cosa gli venga in mente.

craft - arte.

knitwear - capi lavorati a maglia.

catwalks - passerelle.

a ripple effect - effetto a catena.

it will fire people’s imaginations - accende la fantasia della gente.