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Language Files - Aarrgghh!!!

Febbraio 2015
Voi avete capito cosa fa questa ditta romana? Il loro lavoro è "lighten your holiday"... l'errore è grammaticale, e nessun madrelingua inglese l'avrebbe mai messa in questi termini... Se vedete bizzarrie linguistiche: scattate una foto e inviatecela!

What exactly does this company in Rome do? The slogan promises to make your holiday lighter (click here to enlarge the image), although it’s not exactly clear how. In actual fact it’s a transport and left luggage service. The (grammatically) correct version would be: “Lightening your holiday is our job” but the problem is that a British or American company would never say that. Instead it would use a phrase like “Travel light with (Bon-Bags).” Our thanks to Michele Ganci for spotting this one!

If you see English mistakes (in Italy, the UK, anywhere!) that make you scream “Aarrgghh!!!” take a photo (please make sure it’s in focus!) and send it to redazione@speakupmagazine.it. We will publish the best (that is, the worst) both here and on our Facebook page.

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