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Letters from Skye

Novembre 2013
La storia di Letters from Skye prende il via agli inizi del Novecento, i protagonisti sono una poetessa e un suo fan. Ascoltiamo la trama del romanzo direttamente dalla voce dell’autrice, Jessica Brokmole (intervistata nel numero in edicola)

di Mark Worden


Jessica Brockmole
Jessica Brockmole

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

Jessica Brockmole is the author of the novel Letters from Skye, which was recently published in Italian by Casa Editrice Nord as Novemila giorni e una sola notte. We asked her for a summary of the plot:

Jessica Brockmole (Standard American accent)

The book begins when an American college student very impulsively sends a fan letter to a reclusive Scottish poet  in 1912. From those first letters, where they talk about favourite books and their deepest fears and their biggest dreams, a friendship unfolds which eventually turns to love, just as the First World War begins. That American college student joins the American Field Service, volunteering to drive ambulances for the French Army, and that poet, she waits alone up on the Isle of Skye, hoping that their chain of letters remains unbroken. A generation and another war later, the poet is living in Edinburgh with her daughter who, although they’re close, knows nothing about her mother’s past. When a bomb rocks their Edinburgh flat, and the mother’s past literally comes falling out of the wall in the form of those years of letters, the daughter begins to piece together the family she never knew existed, and a romance that once blossomed in an earlier war.
(Jessica Brockmole was talking to Mark Worden)

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