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National Absurdity Day

Novembre 2016
Pronti per un giorno pazzo? Il 20 novembre è National Absurdity Day, il giorno dedicato all'assurdo! Ecco qualche idea per passarlo al meglio...


National Absurdity Day

What did these great late writers –  Lewis Carroll, Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter – have in common? A love of the absurd! And if you find yourself behaving strangely from time to time, or if you wish that you could, but are afraid of what other people might think, then don’t worry: you’re in good company. And November 20th is your day! Here are some ideas for how to celebrate National Absurdity Day:

- Wear ridiculous clothes, say and do things that other people can’t understand.

- Send absurd emails and text messages to your family and friends.

- Read (or re-read) the masterpieces of the aforementioned authors!

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