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Poor Europe!

Giugno 2013
L’obiettivo di Oxfam è di combattere fame e povertà. La crescita della povertà porta questa ONG ha occuparsi non solo del Terzo Mondo, ma anche dell’Europa. Ce ne parla Ilaria Lenzi (intervistata nel numero in edicola), la rappresentate italiana.

di Mark Worden


An Oxfam shop in Cirencester, in the English county of Gloucestershire.
An Oxfam shop in Cirencester, in the English county of Gloucestershire.
Ilaria Lenzi
Ilaria Lenzi

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

The Oxford Committee for Famine Relief was set up in 1942, in order to help people in Greece who were suffering the effects of a naval blockade. It abbreviated its name to Oxfam in 1965 and it is now mainly associated with the Third World. But, as Ilaria Lenzi of Oxfam Italy explains, the growth of poverty has meant that it is helping people in Europe once again: 

Ilaria Lenzi (Italian accent)

Poverty is increasing and so we... it’s important that... also Oxfam will improve and.. its capacity to... to look at this issue, I mean, also in our countries and not only in the countries far for us... from us, but it’s important at the same time that Oxfam is able... will be able to do something distinctive and very... very effectives... effective because there are several, several associations working... already working about poverty in Europe, so if we are going to work on this directly with a programme, direct support and so on, it’s important to do that in an integrated way with other associations, so in partnership, or doing something that it’s really effective and efficient and can be... can... that can make the difference, I mean.
(Ilaria Lenzi was talking to Mark Worden)

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