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Surfing While Learning English in Australia

Giugno 2013
Do you have time at your disposal and wish to improve your English?Travelling abroad in order to perfect your language skills is without doubt the most effective way to make rapid and long-lasting progress.

di ESL Soggiorni Linguistici

Professionals of the language travel industry offer a wide choice of destinations around the world, including England, the USA, South Africa and India. But the place that gets everyone dreaming is located 15,000 kilometres to the south-east of Europe and is commonly referred to as “Down Under.”

Australia and its unique lifestyle are extremely popular with students from all over the world. But is a country where outdoor activities have pride of place really adapted to an English language course?

The answer is yes! No more wasting time in class listening to a teacher reciting lists of vocabulary and endless grammar rules: learning today is fun and dynamic. Language schools have assimilated this new approach to learning and increasingly offer interactive programmes combining academic courses with sports or cultural activities.

The English + surfing programmes offered by ESL-Language Studies Abroad in Noosa and Byron Bay are very popular because they allow students to further develop their language skills while practising a sport or fun activity. This is an innovative way to combine studies with pleasure while progressing with the language.  

With a territory as large as Europe, Australia offers very diverse climates and landscapes to suit all tastes, including beautiful beaches along the coast, modern and lively cities in the four corners of the country, the Outback desert and beautiful marine life around coral reefs. Are you fascinated by Australia’s diversity? Why not take a multi-destination trip and combine two or three destinations in order to explore the various attractions of this wonderful country while continuing to improve your English skills?

Go for it and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in Australia! 

For more info, contact ESL on +39 02 89 05 84 44, see www.esl.it or visit their office in Roma, Milano, Bologna or Verona.

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