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The event: Dave Live in Florence!

Novembre 2012
Dave Dickens and Emanuela Siano will be presenting their book Right or Wrong? at the Feltrinelli store in Florence (Via Cavour, 12) at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, 5th December.

Gribaudo is the company that published John Peter Sloan’s phenomenally successful Instant English books, while Dave Dickens is  the real “Dave” who appeared in John’s Culture Shock sketches (and articles for Speak Up). Dave is also an English teacher, as is Italy’s Emanuela Siano, and together they have written a book with a title that is both ambitious and self-explanatory: Right or Wrong? Smaschera i 101 errori più frequenti e migliora il tuo inglese per sempre. They will be presenting it at the Feltrinelli bookshop (Via Cavour 12, Florence) at 6 p.m. (18.00) on Wednesday, 5th December. It promises to be fun: “John and Dave” were a great comic duo and so are “Dave and Emy!”


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