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The Ghosts of Edinburgh

Maggio 2007
Medium, sensitivi e professionisti del paranormale si danno appuntamento questo mese a Edimburgo. Per esplorare il lato oscuro della capitale scozzese in occasione del Ghost Fest.

di John Rigg

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Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent)

Do you believe in ghosts? If the answer is no, then Mary King’s Edinburgh Ghost Fest may change your opinion. Edinburgh has a long and dark history, and attracts paranormal experts from around the world who come and investigate its supernatural inhabitants. The festival, which runs from 11th–20th May, gives ordinary people the chance to hear about the results of these investigations and to assist the experts themselves.
The festival takes its name from one of Edinburgh’s 17th century residents, Mary King, who lived in a small close off Edinburgh’s most famous street, the Royal Mile. Mary King’s Close is open to the public and the festival’s main events take place here.


Would you like to spend a night in dark, gloomy rooms where water drips from the ceilings and strange sounds emanate from the walls? Visitors are given special equipment: microphones to record the ghosts’ cries, infra-red torches, cameras, and special meters that beep when ghosts are present. Next, it’s time to explore the candle-lit passageways where an expert guide recounts tales of murder and horror. When the temperature suddenly drops, the guide explains: “That’s the ghosts; they draw heat from living bodies so they can materialise.” People try to photograph the ghosts, or use the special microphones to record their voices. At the end of the evening, the guide talks about his investigations and answers questions.


The festival includes a Ghost Bus Tour that visits Crichton Castle, Rosslyn Chapel, made famous by The Da Vinci Code, and the Temple Graveyard. During evening sessions in local pubs, storytellers recount tales of ghosts and murderers.
The Scottish Paranormal Workshop holds séances and generally helps people discover their “sensitive” side.
Finally, it’s time to join Edinburgh’s past demons and murderers for a parade down the Royal Mile to Mercat Cross – once the scene of Edinburgh’s executions.

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ghosts - fantasmi.

close - strada senza uscita.

gloomy - tetre.

drips - gocciola.

candle-lit passageways - corridoi illuminati dalle candele.

drops - cala.

they draw heat - prendono calore.

murderers - assassini.

workshop - laboratorio.

séances - sedute spiritiche.

executions - condanne a morte.