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The Language Files - Everybody wants IELTS! (Reading test)

Luglio 2014
Tutti i trucchi per passare il reading test IELTS senza (troppo) stress..

di Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts

As with all parts of IELTS, time management is a key factor. There are three sections in this 60-minute test, which get progressively more difficult with more intricate language and structure. If you calculate 16 minutes for section one, 18 minutes for section two and 20 minutes for section three, you’ll have six minutes at the end to check everything through.
Question types include multiple choice, identifying writer’s views, diagram label completion and many more. Check out the website for details.
When practising for the exam you should select your reading material to fit the various parts of the test.
In the General Test, section one is about “social survival” and the tasks involve finding factual information. There may be two or three texts such as notices or timetables, or six shorter texts which could be advertisements for similar products. Tourist information websites could be a good place to start for practice material.
The second section, “Workplace survival,” is related to working in an English-speaking country and contains texts such as job descriptions, contracts and training materials. Try searching the Internet for information on working in English-speaking countries and this should provide you with some useful vocabulary.
The third section deals with “general reading,” and involves more difficult prose from sources such as newspapers, magazines and fictional and non-fictional books.

Here are some useful tips for the day:

1. Make notes on the question booklet, but write the answers directly onto the answer sheet as you will NOT have time to transfer them at the end.

2. Read the instructions carefully to avoid silly mistakes like writing too many words or writing “yes/no” instead of “true/false.”

3. Don’t waste time on a single question. Go back to it at the end.

4. Remember that if you spell something wrong, it will be marked as wrong.

5. Don’t waste time reading every single word unless you are a very fast reader. Search for the information you need. Next month we’ll explain the art of “skimming” and “scanning” to help you do this. 

The British Council deals with everything concerning IELTS in Italy. If you want to have an idea of your current level of English, try their online level test  www.britishcouncil.org/it/italy-exams-test-livello-inglese-esame-cambridge-ielts-online.htm
You can take the IELTS exam throughout the year and you can enrol just two weeks before the actual test date. The results will be ready 13 days later.


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