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The Language Files - Everybody wants IELTS! (The listening test)

Giugno 2014
Questa parte del test IELTS dura 30 minuti. Ecco come usarli al meglio.

di Rachel Roberts

Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts

The Listening Test is usually the first thing you do. It has four parts, 40 questions and lasts 30 minutes. You should write all your answers on the question booklet, because at the end you have another 10 minutes to transfer them to the answer sheet. Obviously the best way to practise is to do lots of listening, but choose your material carefully. A hundred episodes of Desperate Housewives probably won’t be much help. Documentaries or factual podcasts are a much better choice, and look at the British Council website for social conversations or travel dialogues.
Although you will hear a variety of accents from the English-speaking world, they are always very clearly spoken. So listening to Eminem raps over and over is not that useful.
If you have problems distinguishing numbers like 15/50, 34/44 etc or letters like A and E, make sure you practise these before the exam until you are confident.

And on the actual day:

1. Use your time well. You have time before each listening section to read the questions. Do this carefully so you already have an idea about what you will hear.

2. Read the instructions. Pay particular attention to the maximum number of words you can write in each space.

3. Predict. Try to guess what the answer to each question might be. Will it be a number, a street name, or the title of a book? This helps you to focus on the part of the dialogue that contains the answer.

4. Use your logic. If you have a price list to complete and you see that a “full day guided tour’ costs £50 and a ........... guided tour” costs £27, the missing word is probably “morning” or “half day!”

5. Concentrate! You only hear the dialogue once, so you must listen intently. Both the British Council and IELTS websites have examples of listening tests. Try playing a couple of sentences and then pausing and repeating. This will train you to focus on every word.

6. Don’t panic. If you get lost take a deep breath and carry on. You’ll soon pick up the conversation.

The British Council deals with everything concerning IELTS in Italy. If you want to have an idea of your current level of English, try their online level test  www.britishcouncil.org/it/italy-exams-test-livello-inglese-esame-cambridge-ielts-online.htm
You can take the IELTS exam throughout the year and you can enrol just two weeks before the actual test date. The results will be ready 13 days later.


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