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The Language Files - The best of Quora

Dicembre 2016
Esiste una lingua che non ha la parola "no"? La risposta? Sì...

Quora is one of the best social networks in terms of questions and answers. Needless to say, there are numerous questions and answers about the English language. This is a particularly good example:


Has there ever existed a language that doesn’t have the word ‘no’?


Irish doesn’t have a word for “no.” All we have are negative forms of verbs.
For example, in Irish if you want to know if someone’s happy:
“An bhfuil áthas ort?”
“Níl” does not mean “no”. It means “it isn’t”, as according to Irish grammar the question is: “Is happiness on you?”
There is no way to just say “No.”

Barry Purcell, on Quora

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