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The World According to Grapes

Gennaio 2014
Forse conoscete Adam Grapes, il bizzarro esperto di scommesse che dà consigli su Sky Sport. Ora Mr Grapes, da buon inglese trapiantato in Italia, ha scritto un libro per aiutare gli italiani a studiare la sua madrelingua: Impara l’inglese con Adam Grapes!

di Kathleen Cornford

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Speaker: Rachel Roberts (Standard British accent)

The World According to Grapes

If you’re not a sports fan, then you might not know Adam Grapes. He’s an English betting expert who offers his advice on an assortment of Italian channels like Sky Sport 24, Canale 5 and Cielo TV. Italians love him, not for his knowledge of sport so much as for his very British sense of humour and, above all, his even more British accent.  Like John Peter Sloan before him, Adam has decided to help Italians learn English. The result is the book Impara l’inglese con Adam Grapes (Vallardi, €15.90), which is divided into 101 chapters, with grammar points provided by Silvia Monti. Each chapter features a passage in English in which Adam tells his story. This is accompanied by grammatical exercises, rules and examples, sections on typical mistakes, false friends, idiomatic expressions, cultural aspects etc.
The book will also teach you that Adam has lived in Italy for 12 years and that he supports Southampton, his hometown club, who have been the surprise team in the Premiership this season. 


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