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Up, Up and Away!

Gennaio 2014
Pronti per un viaggio nello spazio? La Virgin Galactic è molto serie a riguardo, ed ecco il presidente Richard Branson, e il suo team, accogliere i futuri (civili) astronauti!

The SpaceShipTwo in flight
The SpaceShipTwo in flight

Announcer (Standard American accent)

You guys all comfy right here?

The crowd

Yes, yeah!


Great, ‘cause I want you all to move over here...

Male voice

Thank you.

Sir Richard Branson (Standard British accent)

Welcome to the world’s largest ever gathering of future astronauts, and to the wonderful world of Virgin Galactic.We saw space travel as an industry absolutely ripe for change. And our mission for Virgin Galactic is – and has always been – quite simple: to transform access to space for the benefit of life on the Earth. And, as a part of our extraordinary pioneering future astronaut community, your place in history is assured, and I believe we’re starting something that is bigger and more significant than any of us can truly understand right now. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you again for your support, for joining us on what promises to be an absolutely fabulous and enlight(en)ing  journey of hope and fulfilment. Together we will turn our wonderful dreams into reality. Thank you, all the best.

George Whitesides (Standard American accent)

On behalf of everyone at Virgin Galactic and the spaceship company, we’re honoured that you would have travelled from around the world to join us here. You are all here at a fantastic moment for this adventure that we share. Many of us have been part of this project for several years, and today we believe we are truly in the final phase of preparations for commercial service. You are truly the first of a new class of citizen explorer, and together we have the opportunity to begin traditions that may last for decades or centuries or more.

Sir Richard Branson

Space Launcher One...

The voice of John F. Kennedy (Standard American/Boston accent)

Many years ago...

Male voice

It looks like he knows what he’s talking about...

Female voice


Woman looking at camera

I have to get a shot like that!

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