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Waiting for the UFOs

Settembre 2008
Sam Wright è uno che gli UFO li ha visti davvero. Nella famosa Area 51 nel deserto del Nevada.

di Derek Workman

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Sam Wright
Sam Wright

Speaker: Rachel Roberts (Standard British accent):

The enduring popularity of The X-Files is proof that a lot of people believe in UFOs. One person who certainly does is the Englishman, Sam Wright, who runs an organisation called Probe International. He has been following UFOs for 30 years, but he became completely convinced 10 years ago, when he made a trip to the mysterious “Area 51” in the Nevada desert:

Sam Wright (Standard English/Northern accent):

We stayed there for about an hour because certain nights they say they are... testing crashed UFOs, which they rebuild themselves, or they could be alien UFOs, you know, and this particular night, it was a clear night, this UFO came over, it was eye level, we don’t know how far away it is, we guess it was about a mile away, it was round object, silver in colour and it just hung there for about 15 minutes, it never moved, it was just there. And we couldn’t understand why it was just stood there, as if it was watching us, and all of a sudden it... it moved slightly and it (was) gone and no plane could do that, that’s for sure.


He also explained that there are different types of aliens:

Sam Wright:

A grey alien is a small being, it’s from four to four-and-a-half foot in length, and it’s seen mainly in America, Mexico, round that area, it haven’t (sic) been seen here, we mainly see the Nordic types. They’re supposedly, according to one of the military intelligence officers who’s retired now, there’s 58 different types of alien races that have visited our world and several of them have... have underground bases here: one in Australia, big, big one in Australia called Pine Gap, and that is most interesting, because one of the chaps who spoke at our conference (said) they have the world’s biggest computer there, that... taps onto every phone on our planet – including yours! – is listened to, and it only clicks on... to their frequency when you talk on politics or UFOs, otherwise that’s all it does, it will listen in, you don’t know they’re listening in, but it does. And that is a massive computer, it’s in the big underground base in Pine Gap, which is the centre of Australia.


Sam Wright and his fellow UFO believers are often laughed at, but he has no doubts that he is right:

Sam Wright:

I can’t believe why people don’t see these things and not believe it, they always come up with something: “Oh, it must have been a star, it must have been something else” and yet it’s there, moving around, you know.
The old cliché is, “Well, until it lands at 10 Downing Street, or at the White House, people will not believe it, but, according to the alien people, they say that, “Why come down when you’re fighting each other, you’re killing each other? Once you stop killing each other and become a world where there’s peace, then we will come down and be friends with you.”


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is proof - è prova.

UFO - sigla di Unidentified Flying Object.

we guess... a mile away - poteva essere a un chilometro e mezzo di distanza.

it just hung there - è rimasto lì sospeso.

all of a sudden - d’improvviso.

four... in length - lungo da 1 metro e 20 a 1 e 40.

supposedly - a quanto pare.

that taps onto every phone - che intercetta ogni telefono.

clicks on... to their frequency - si sintonizza sulle loro frequenze.

it will listen in - si mette in ascolto.

laughed at - derisi.

they always come up with something - trovano sempre da dire qualcosa come...