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Watch Football, Learn English!

Maggio 2013
A molti italiani piace il calcio che... parla inglese! Sono tante, in Italia, le associazioni di tifosi che supportano le squadre inglesi. Alma Swanson (intervistata nel numero di edicola), esperta del settore, ci racconta di come questa passione sia utile anche dal punto di vista linguistico e culturale.

di Mark Worden


Italian fans of Newcastle United
Italian fans of Newcastle United
Alma Swanson
Alma Swanson

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

Italy is one of the world’s great footballing nations, but many Italians support English teams. There are even fan clubs in Italy and their members often go to England to see matches. Alma Swanson, an image consultant and personal style coach, likes getting together with Italian friends to watch Liverpool play. She also thinks that going  to a football game can be a great way for Italians and other nationalities to learn English:

Alma Swanson (Standard British/Liverpool accent)

Yes, it’s a... it’s a fun, lovely way to learn to speak English, isn’t it? Because  what could be nicer? And you… you’re also… I think you’re kind of, from the Italian point of view, going to England, you’re mixing with people also from different classes, from different backgrounds, and it can be fun and… and… and exciting to… to… to do that, and learning the songs, you know, just learning the songs that… that are… and getting involved in the banter, the humour, ‘cause there’s a good sense of humour, obviously, both on the Italian side and the English side, and I think it works well together, like the Italians are very funny with their banners that they go to the stadium with, and the English are fun… fun too, so I think that it’s a fun, nice, easy way to learn to speak English, rather than the stricter going to school, learning the grammar, the dos and the don’ts, and I think, yeah, it’s much more fun.

Of course, some Italians might be worried about going to a football game in England: after all, the Heysel disaster took place in 1985 when Liverpool played Juventus in the European Cup Final in Brussels, but Alma Swanson says that things have changed:

Alma Swanson

Yes, well the stadiums have become so much more secure now in England. We went through a very dark period in the ‘70s, ‘80s, where there was a lot of violence, there was a lot of… a lot of disasters that went on, and I think what happened there was the English came down, the police force and so forth, and decided to make… to… to… to get rid of all that, and they started to put people in prison, take away their passports, more control at the games. And then we put seats in, because before we had the terraces, so that brought the numbers… controlled the numbers, and we kind of stamped it out in England, we were lucky to do that, whereas in Italy it seems to not to have happened, for whatever reason, I don’t know.

(Alma Swanson was talking to Mark Worden)

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