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What's Next - A new flag for New Zealand?

Aprile 2014
Una nuova bandiera per la Nuova Zelanda. Questa è la richiesta del primo ministro neozelandese, secondo il quale: quella attuale è troppo simile a quella australiana e non c'è alcun riferimento alla tradizione Maori. Ma non tutti sono d'accordo...

di Kathleen Cornford

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The flag of New Zealand
The flag of New Zealand
An alternative flag for New Zealand
An alternative flag for New Zealand

Speaker: Derek Allen (Standard British accent)

A new flag for New Zealand?

The New Zealand prime minister, John Key, has announced that a referendum will be held within the next three years on the subject of... changing the country's flag. Key believes that: (1) the Union Jack (in the top left-hand corner) reflects the country's colonial past; (2) the current flag is easily confused with that of Australia; (3) there is no reference to New Zealand's Maori heritage. An alternative flag has been designed by Kyle Lockwood. It features: the white fern (the national symbol worn on the All Black rugby shirts); the same four stars of the Southern Cross; blue for the ocean; red for the Maoris and white for “the land of the long white cloud” (a translation of Aotearoa, the Maori name for the country). According to polls, however, only 28 per cent of New Zealanders actually want to change their flag...

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