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What's Next - A Rosy New Year!

Dicembre 2013
A Pasadena in California il Capodanno si festeggia in modo insolito: con una parata di rose! Lì l'inverno è mite e ogni occasione è buona per ricordarlo...

di Kathleen Cornford

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Pasadena Parade
Pasadena Parade

Speaker: Chuck Rolando (Standard American accent)

A Rosy New Year!

In the Northern Hemisphere they celebrate New Year in the snow: in the Southern Hemisphere they party on the beach. But in Pasadena, California people are more original: they have the Tournament of Roses, which is followed by a live audience of one million, and a worldwide TV audience of 500 million. The parade was first held in 1890 and the idea was to show Americans "back east" just how mild the winter climate was in California. It has since developed into a spectacular floral parade with floats and displays that have taken 12 months to prepare. The theme for this year's event is “Dreams Come True." Let's hope so!


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