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What's Next - PicTranslator

Luglio 2014
Dimenticatevi dei dizionari è arrivato PicTranslator, l'app che traduce direttamente da un'immagine. Scatta una foto al testo, al resto ci pensa PicTranslator!

di Kathleen Cornford

Pic Translator

Life is becoming increasingly difficult for translators and interpreters. First there was Google Translate and then came assorted electronic translators, but now there are special apps available. PicTranslator, for example, translates directly from an image. Let's say you are in a restaurant:  you simply photograph the menu, wait a few seconds, and you will have a translation in the language of your choice. But that's not all: PicTranslator can also help you order the food! It will offer you the audio of the perfect pronunciation.
PicTranslator is available from App Store at $4.99, even if, at press time, it wasn't yet on sale in Italy.


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