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What's on TV? Buying Naked

Ottobre 2014
Il titolo di questo show deve essere preso alla lettera: gli acquirenti sono nudisti in cerca di proprietà adatte a loro stile di vita. Siamo a Pasco County in Florida, e se pensavate di averne viste ormai di ogni, vi sbagliavate… Il mercoledì su Real Time, da vedere in inglese, of course!

di Bree Morgan

Buying Naked
Buying Naked

Buying Naked

The title of the series Buying Naked is accurate: it's about nudists who are trying to find houses that are suitable for their lifestyle. Like everybody else they cook, do the gardening and take the dog for a walk, but the difference is that they do so without clothes. "Realtor to the nude" Jackie Youngblood needs all of her considerable experience in order to help them. She is based in Pasco County in Florida, home of the United States' largest number of nudist colonies. If you thought you'd seen everything in life, then you were wrong...

Wednesday at 11.05 p.m.

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