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What's on TV? - Christmas Special

Dicembre 2013
Durante le feste natalizie il Nord America si riempie di luci: dal Rockefeller Center al National Mall, dal Colonial Williamsburg all'Empire State Building. Scopritelo negli speciali che Real Time dedica al Natale. Da domenica 15 dicembre.

di Roberta Migliucci

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Christmas Special
Christmas Special

Speaker: Chuck Rolando (Standard American accent)

Christmas Special

Christmas is coming and Real Time has decided to celebrate in style, with a series of unusual "specials." Pride of place goes to one about decorations in the United States, with particular reference to the Rockefeller Center, the National Mall, Colonial Williamsburg and, of course, the Empire State Building, whose lights change colour with every national holiday: at Christmas they become green and red. Not only that, we get to see inside some private homes that have been decorated in a particularly bizarre way, from humble lanterns to unbelievably over the top light shows whose creators live only for Christmas!
From Sunday 15th at 8.15 p.m.


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