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What's on TV? House of Cards

Settembre 2014
Obama l'adora, anche se ci tiene a precisare che la vita a Washington è più noiosa! Ha il plauso di critica e pubblico, ha per protagonista un fantastico Kevin Spacey: è House of Cards, la serie tv sugli intrighi politici americani, da vedere!

di Bree Morgan

House of Cards
House of Cards

House of Cards

President Obama loves it, even though he's at pains to point out that life in Washington, D.C. is “a little more boring” (and we sincerely hope he's right!). Critics and audiences are also enthusiastic. We're talking about House of Cards, the gripping TV series that stars Oscar winner Kevin Spacey. He plays Frank Underwood, an unscrupulous politician determined to get to the top. The series takes a tough look at American politics (real or imagined) and shows the link between money, power and the media. The first two episodes were directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, The Social Network), who is also the show's producer. Not to be missed! 
Available in DVD and Blu-ray from September 17th from Universal Pictures


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