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Maggio 2011
È in arrivo una nuova rubrica: la posta del cuore di John P. Sloan! scrivetegli a webmaster@speakupmagazine.it mettendo Dear John nell'oggetto.
John Peter Sloan
John Peter Sloan

Many newspapers have a column where readers talk about their personal problems. An “expert” then answers with advice. Usually this expert is female and so she is known as an “Agony Aunt.” Well, John Peter Sloan is going to be an “Agony Uncle” for Speak Up! Yes, you can write to him about your problems in love, life, everything. Write to him (in English, please! and put “Dear John” as the subject) at: webmaster@speakupmagazine.it. The most interesting questions and answers will be published in Speak Up!

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