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Homevideo: Marley
Director: Kevin Macdonald

Announcer  (Jamaican accent)
All the way from Trench Town, Jamaica: Bob Marley and the Wailers! Come on!

Bob Marley (Jamaican accent)
Yes, this is my identity.

Ziggy Marley (Jamaican accent)
Him come from such a humble beginning. My father would always take us back to Trench Town.

Interviewee (Jamaican accent)
The most important thing, culturally, that was happening in Jamaica at that time was Bob Marley exploding onto the world stage.

Bob Marley
My life is only important if me can help plenty people. If my life there’s just me and my own security, then me no want it. My life is for people.

Interviewer (Australian accent)
Are you a rich man? Do you have a lot of possessions?

Bob Marley
Possessions make you rich? I don’t have that type of riches. My riches is life.