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In Sloan Square...

John Peter Sloan ha aperto un pub a Milano, in piazzale Cadorna: si chiama Sloan Square. Qui si beve (tanta e buona birra), si mangia, si ascolta musica, ci sono spettacoli, cabaret, si fanno aperitivi in inglese... vi serve un altro motivo per andarci? Ascoltate cosa ci raccontano John e il console britannico! by Mark Worden LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

John Peter Sloan (Standard British accent)

So since I’ve been in Milan I’d love to go somewhere in Milan where you can have a nice beer and take in a show and… and, you know, and do stuff in English and so… here it is!

Vince Annells - British Consul General (Standard British accent)

And, you know what, in the midst of a… a very challenging economic time these guys have decided to invest, to create some more jobs, deliver their ambition at a time where even Milan is feeling that the economy’s getting rather tight, and I have to say,  hats off to the guys for that because I think that’s an awesome thing to have done.

John Peter Sloan

I’ve been to some like aperitivi in English in Milan and they seem quite limited because they just leave people to their own devices and no one’s really sure what to do or say. I think they should be more guided and so I want to do some evenings where we have, you know, aperitivo and then there’s a little interactive show where you involve people in the audience and then some other initiatives which are aimed at students, you know, I used to teach English in… in the pub with… you know, when I had lessons, if it was nice outside, you know, we’d… we’d go to the pub and it’s… it’s…I think it’s extremely important, and very, very in line with my philosophy on teaching that Italians, the students, are relaxed, and so if you’re in a pub having a beer and doing the lesson there, everyone’s happy and relaxed.

Vince Annells

So I have to say, I’m looking forward to seeing lots of people here, but I’m hoping not too many because I don’t want to queue too long at the bar upstairs ‘cause you know us British and having to queue, we don’t really like it, right?

John Peter Sloan

There’s something funny about this, actually, because I advertised on like Facebook and stuff that we were doing a show in Sloan Square a particular night, and three people the next day actually contacted me on Facebook saying that I was a liar, and there was a message that I got during the evening saying that “I’m sitting… I’m sitting here in on my own, where are you?” And they’d actually gone to Sloane Square in London!

(John Peter Sloan was speaking to Mark Worden. Vic Annells was speaking at a press conferencce at Sloan Square in Piazzale Cadorna, Milan)


Sloan Square. Il nome del locale di John Peter Sloan è un gioco di parole. È basato su Sloane Square, una famosa piazza a Londra che si scrive diversamente. Sloane Square si trova a Chelsea, un quartiere di lusso. In passato ha prestato il suo nome al fenomeno delle “Sloane Rangers”, le giovani ragazze di buona famiglia che ci abitavano. Anche “Sloane Ranger” era un gioco di parole,  basato su “The Lone Ranger”, un famoso personaggio televisivo americano.